KEYNOTE | From Delivery to Design: how to drive a real change with AI 

For decades, much has been said about how learning technologies will transform education, learning and development. However, the promised revolution has often failed to materialize. In education & L&D alike, we use technology to scale traditional chalk & talk approaches to teaching and learning. Despite hundreds of billions of dollars of investment in learning technologies, rates of impact on learner knowledge, behaviour, capability and performance are suboptimal at best.

Will AI change all of this? We are often told that AI is a disruptive force, but ultimately its impact will depend on how we, the humans, choose to use it. One of the biggest risks of AI is that we use it to become more effective at ineffective practices. To realise the true, transformative impact of AI we need to push beyond a long-term focus on learning delivery and shift focus to bigger and more fundamental questions related to how we define and design learning. With her extensive experience in research, education, and L&D, Philippa will lead us in an exploration of the real risks and real opportunities presented by the rise of AI.

Dr. Philippa Hardman – Expert Learning Design & AI, LinkedIn Top Voice, Winner Innofounder Awards 2024, TEDX Speaker & Researcher University of Cambridge with 20+ years of experience

Dr. Philippa Hardman is one of the most prominent experts in the field of AI and learning design. She has over 20 years of experience in researching and designing online and blended learning at universities such as Cambridge and Harvard. Philippa has spent the last 20 years researching and experimenting with methods to connect what we know about how humans learn (learning science) with how we design learning experiences (learning/instructional design). She is on a mission to help the world design better learning experiences powered by AI.

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