The effect of AI on L&D jobs

AI is fundamentally about learning, because machines learn. We have been using machines to learn throughout history, with examples ranging from cave markings to writing and computers. AI is as significant as writing as a learning tool, which is why it has a massive effect on learning and L&D jobs.”, says Donald Clark during his keynote speech at Next Learning 2023. How will AI affect learning and how can jobs in L&D adapt?

Understanding the impact of AI on jobs

Donald referred to a recent study performed by two MIT Economics PhD candidates during his keynote. This study examined the impact of ChatGPT on white collar productivity. 444 workers were asked to perform writing and editing tasks. The group using ChatGPT completed tasks 37% faster with a similar quality compared to the group without it. Additionally, ChatGPT users showed faster improvement in quality over time as the tool was effective in speeding up initial drafts and final editing. Surprisingly, ChatGPT was valuable for all writers, as it made ‘bad writers’ good and ‘good writers’ better. The study suggests that ChatGPT significantly enhances productivity in various professional domains, such as L&D.

L&D needs to upskill

It would require a human to read for 22.000 years to read everything that ChatGPT learned from. This means that ChatGPT is much better than our own brain, as it doesn’t experience cognitive overload and it doesn’t forget. Even though ChatGPT is trained with much more data than we can ever comprehend, it keeps learning and getting better. This makes it a universal teacher with several uses within L&D, but you need to upskill to use it effectively. For example, ChatGPT can be used to create interactive, engaging and personalized simulations fast, but you’ll need to use the right prompts.

AI in various fields

Donald also referenced an article written by Bill Gates during his keynote. This article discusses the revolutionary impact of AI and its potential in various fields, not only L&D. Bill Gates compares the transformative power of AI to the power of the PC, internet and mobile phone. He believes that AI reshapes how people work, learn and communicate and he foresees AI assisting in healthcare and empowering personalized education. The article ends with bill acknowledging potential challenges, but he remains optimistic about the positive impact of AI when properly regulated and integrated. Donald uses this conclusion for his own recommendation: proceed with caution when using AI and ChatGPT, but just start playing with it.

Find out more about L&D and AI

AI was a recurring topic during Next Learning 2023 that piqued the interest of most of the visitors. Do you want to know more about AI and the effect on L&D jobs? Visit ai-deas for Learning on the 31st of October 2023! Together we will discover the practical advantages of AI, how to integrate it into existing learning design and the chances it provides for personalized learning.

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