Are you ready for a Learning Data Strategy?

Ben Betts | Learning Pool

We all feel that data could be the next big thing. However, few companies use the incredible power of data in guiding learners, shaping learning, and proving the ROI of their learning investment.

Ben Betts, CEO of Learning Pool LTD (UK), recently developed The Learning Analytics Maturity Model. It shows the stages of using data for learning from beginner to mature-data-user-organizations, across 5 key stages of learning maturity.
From simply “describing” what’s happening to your learning all the way through to predicting and prescribing the next learning action.

This keynote shows you the maturity stage of different organizations and gives you insights up to the next level of maturity.

Dr. Ben Betts is CEO for Learning Pool LTD, with responsibility for the commercial, product and people functions based mostly in the UK. Previously, Ben served as Chief Product Officer for Learning Pool where he worked to help define and develop Learning Pool’s next generation of workplace digital learning platforms, with a focus on Learning Experience Platforms and the Learning Analytics space. Before Learning Pool, Ben helped to build HT2 Labs from humble beginnings into a globally recognized innovator in workplace digital learning. Learning Pool completed an acquisition of HT2 Labs in June 2019.

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