Webinar: best practices and tips by Easygenerator


During the current COVID-19 crisis you are forced to make high impact decisions to support working and learning remotely. These decisions are often made under time pressure, but they will affect your business, not only during this crisis period but over the long-term as well.


In this webinar, our CEO Kasper Spiro will share best practices and tips that will help you make substantiated decisions. We will share:

  1. We also will share best practices and possible experiments you can run moving your learning online.
    The goal of the experiments is to have a short term impact and gather data for a long term permanent solution.
  2. Easygenerator has experience working remotely already for a long time. We will share our lessons learned,
    our best practices and discuss the tools we use working remotely as a company.

This webinar is scheduled on Tuesday 19th of May, 3 PM.
Wish to attend? Send an email to: kasper@easygenerator.com


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