Podcast: Learning From the Inside Out: How to join forces with your brain

In this entertaining, engaging, and practical session, we’ll look at the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive neuroscience to explore how your brain works, how it learns, creates memories, and how we can join forces with it to increase our abilities to focus, maintain our cognitive energy and so much more.

See what learning is from the inside out and how your brain makes it all happen

Activate your gateway to learning, focus, and explore the ways you can engage your learners by guiding their attention

Uncover the ways, you’re often working against your brain and practice what you can do to work with it.

Lauren Waldman

Lauren, Founder of Learning Pirate Inc. has one true purpose in this world, to evolve our abilities to learn, design learning and be better overall human beings. Triple certified in neuroscience (HarvardX (Foundations), Duke (Medical Neuroscience), John Hopkins (Neuroimaging), with designations in learning design and adult learning, Lauren has designed and implemented learning programs for ambitious organizational change initiatives, national sales and marketing launches, and large scale onboarding programs.

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