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Onze holistische AI-gestuurde oplossingen bieden een end-to-end talentontwikkelingservaring die uw mensen en zakelijke systemen naadloos met elkaar verbindt om echte resultaten te behalen –van een betere retentie tot flexibele inzetbaarheid van personeel en productiviteit.

LIVE PODCAST – The Culture of Learning  

The Culture of Learning, refers to the attitudes, values, practices, and behavior that promote continuous learning and development among employees in an organization. This culture is driven by the belief that consistent growth and upskilling can lead to better organizational outcomes, improved employee satisfaction, and a more adaptable workforce.

DOTS: Leercultuur stimuleren, Talent ontwikkelen

Host: Gwen van Oosten – Accountmanager Cornerstone OnDemand

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11.10 uur | Transitioning to a skills-based organization and AI, how to deal with this?

Jacqueline van Gerwen – Global Head of HR Systems Signify

Jacqueline van Gerwen is Global Head of HR Systems at Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting. After a career as IT consultant and Program Manager Jacqueline decided 6 years back to focus on automation of HR processes. In her current role Jacqueline is responsible for defining and implementing the digital strategy for HR.

Kenmerken: Analytic, emphatic, forward looking

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13.00 uur | Empower your learning culture through technology

Renske Bos – Onderwijskundige Witteveen+Bos

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13.20 uur | Quick wins in Learning and development, incorporated in the learning culture

Gio Pieterz – Digital HR/HRIS Development & Innovation Lead Canon EMEA

With a passion for innovation and a drive for excellence, Gio is a dynamic professional dedicated to making a positive impact. Armed with a diverse skill set and a collaborative spirit, Gio thrives in various environments, leveraging creativity and strategic thinking to achieve success.

Kenmerken: Diligent, Innovative, Collaborative

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15.30 uur | Automate processes around talent management within SMB organizations

Thomas Vos – Partner Crowe Foederer

Thomas Vos is partner HR Technology bij Crowe Foederer en ondersteunt HR-afdelingen bij digitaliseren en data gedreven werken. Thomas heeft 10+ jaar ervaring in de consultancy en richt zich op
digitaliseringsprojecten het gebied van Learning &Development, Talentmanagement, HR Core en payroll processen en Workforce management.

Kenmerken: Innovatie | HR Technology | Digitaliseren

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16.00 uur | Mystery Guest podcast

16.30 uur | Integraal SkillsPaspoort : Goodbye CV, Hello Skills 

Hans Cremer – Innovation Lead UWV

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