Docebo herdefinieert de manier waarop ondernemingen technologie gebruiken om content te creëren en te managen en inzicht te geven in de business impact van de learning experiences.

Docebo’s customised, end-to-end oplossingen stellen bedrijven over de hele wereld in staat om elke leeruitdaging aan te gaan en een echte leercultuur binnen hun organisatie te creëren.

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Demo Pod >>> All your learning challenges, solved

Get a private tour of our customized ,end-to-end solutions that cover the entire learning strategy from content creation and management to program delivery to measuring learning’s impact on your business

Solution Sketch: L’Oréal Access: The Heart of a Learning Ecosystem

In this session, you will learn how L’Oréal PPD transformed education for over 250K professional hair stylists around the world. We will show you how they combine social learning, SME knowledge, high quality content and innovative branding in a mobile-first environment to provide a transformative learning experience for L’Oréal professionals.

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