WORK & CONNECT | Four ways in which internal communities can drive your learning culture

Communities are somewhat of a buzzword. And with good reason.

When done well, they can drive your learning culture like no other program will. And their impact spread beyond just learning, into collective identity, higher engagement, more initiative and self-directedness, up to better business outcomes for your clients. 

Two things are certain: They are worth the investment. And they are hard to build. 

In this workshop, we’ll explore four different shifts in which internal communities impact learning within your organisation, and can drive your learning culture.   

Application goal(s):

You’ll walk away with: 

  1. A little model to help you frame your learning culture efforts
  2. Concrete examples on how communities impact learning culture, using the case study of a global community of practice
  3. The opportunity to assess your company’s learning ecosystem and spot areas of opportunity for a thriving learning culture

Target group: L&DManagers, L&D Business Partners, CLOs , Both operational and management

Level: Advanced

Follow-up Offer:

Anamaria Dorgo – Learning and Community Consultant, Founder of Handle with Brain 

Community Building | Learning Culture 

“I’m Anamaria, and I have been building global communities of learning and practice for the past four years. I’ve built the L&D Shakers Community (5,000+ members) and the Butter Community (1,500+ members) from the ground up, and I approach the design process through a human-centered and co-created lens. I’m a Learning Experience Designer and Facilitator, and I consult on projects aiming to elevate employee experience and make workplaces more human.” 

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